About Sommelier AS

Sommelier AS is a fully licensed wine importer operating in the norwegian market. The company was established in January 2006.  Our goal is to introduce wines which are appealing to the scandinavian palate, based on grapes with a long local history and tradition. 


Who are we?

Christer Berens is the owner and Manager of Sommelier AS. He graduated as a sommelier in 1991 and represented Norway in the World Championships of Sommeliers in 1995 and 1997 while he was the restaurant manager of respectively Le Canard (* in Guide Michelin) and Bagatelle (**) in Oslo. Christer has released several books for wine- and food enthusiasts and he is also weekly displayed on TV and P4 Radio talk-show.

Morten Egede-Nissen is the Brand Manager of Sommelier AS. He is educated as a sommelier. morten has extensive experience from working several years in the Norwegian Monopoly. He started to work in Sommelier AS june 2015.

David Serodes is the French department Brand Manager of Sommelier AS. He studied onology at the University of Montpellier and have more than 20 years of experience working for different wine estates across Burgundy and Languedoc. He also has commercial experience from sales, exports and wine tourism.



Cuvée Christer Berens
15 years ago, in 2000, the first blend was launched with the label carrying the Cuvée Christer Berens name. Today there are 7 labels of Cuvée Christer Berens in the norwegian market. Sales exceeds 1 million liters per year for the Cuvée’s.

Cuveco AS, our logistic partner, is the fastest growing logistic partner in Norway and is taking care of transport, invoice, stocking, accounting and distribution inland. All orders and purchase will be made through Cuveco AS. Distribution through Vinmonopolet is the responsibility of the importer. Cuveco have for the second year announced to be the best partner for the Vinmonopolet in terms of accuracy in delivery correctness, frequency and invoicing.

The Norwegian Monopoly
Distribution is selective through 240 separate licensed wines and liquor stores established around Norway based on population rate and equal availability. 220 stores are based on self-service. Vinmonopolet works on the basis of tenders for the basic listing, and they are strictly focused on deadlines, definition and description of tenders. Tenders are usually published 6 months before deadline. In general, the split between Monopoly and on trade is 80 – 20% of total sales.